Animal Warm-Ups/Hockey

A few things from last week! Forgot to update, oops.

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D-9 Sketches

The assignment this week was to take our favorite live-action movie and draw some scenes from it! The instructions did say to include 2 or more figures, but didn’t necessarily say humans, so I went with my all-time fave District 9.  Shakey camera movements and lots of close-ups made it difficult but I still had a lot of fun with this! I tried to keep the sketches quick, each around 5-10 minutes I’d say, but I haven’t used a pencil for drawing in ages and it was actually super frustrating AH.

photo 1 photo 2

About this point I got all the way to the end, realized (oops) I didn’t have enough, so I went back to find more.
photo 3 photo 4

I had so much fun with these I think when I get more free time I might practice drawing more Poleepkwa!
EDIT: I did.


Weekly Sketches

This week we saw a play rehearsal with a very limited cast, but I was able to get some good sketches out of it once I got used to the body types!

1 photo 1

Then later we watched a ballet rehearsal. It’s always so challenging getting those super quick poses down, even as fast as I was sketching I sort of had to make up half of them. But hey, fake it til you make it, am I right?

photo 2photo 3photo 4

Excuse the sad puppy, still not feeling too great lately.